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We are committed to providing digital content that is accessible, usable and inclusive for all users. The Web Accessibility Coordinator, the WAC, has the mission to promote and enable digital accessibility at Iowa State.

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Let's get started with common fixes

Alternate (alt) Text

WCAG 1.1.1

alternate textLet’s make this year the Year of Alt Text!  Our goal is to create widespread awareness about the need to label images so that users who use screen readers can obtain appropriate information from any kind of document.

Enter descriptions that are appropriate, succinct, and are mindful of the context.  Think from the user’s perspective… if you were using a screen reader, what information do you think you would need to understand the purpose or value of the image in that context?  No need to include a description if the image is decorative. Depending on the application you may be using, the process may differ.


color contrast checkerWhenever you are faced with making decisions about color schemes in your digital content, remember that some users do not perceive certain colors or might need higher contrast to better discern the content.

Section Headings/Structure

A screen reader user navigates through headings to understand the content of a new page.  A well organized document aids the user to orientate himself to the specific section he needs. Headings and sub-headings help to categorize and organize content in a way that the flow of perception is intuitive.