Digital Accessibility Lab

Located in Durham Center 108

Digital Accessibility lab stations with Xbox and ambient lighting on adjustable desks

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Hours: The lab will be closed for the Fall 2020 semester due to the COVID-19 campus-wide computer lab closings.  

Designing inclusive experiences is a journey that is never finished. It can seem overwhelming, yet a little goes a long way. People with disabilities are underrepresented in almost all facets of society and culture, making them a marginalized minority. When most organizations think of “accessibility” they think of wheelchair ramps and parking spaces. However, digital experiences are just as important as physical. Inclusive digital access is a civil right, just as access to education is a civil right. The state of Iowa has a rich history of progressive civil rights. It has often led the nation in developing inclusive legislation and educational practices. Iowa State University follows in the tradition of being progressive in education, science, and technology.

Goals of the Lab

The number of students with disabilities entering college is increasing. Many Iowa State students experience daily barriers to their educational goals. Creating barrier free access to hardware and software falls under the broad area of digital accessibility. Digital accessibility is not only the production of course materials, websites and communications in an accessible manner, it is a mindset and related directly to the student experience. Fully experiencing content and materials using assistive technology is essential in supporting this mindset. The Digital Accessibility Lab is a physical space on campus for students with disabilities to work together using assistive technology, and a place for them to try out new technologies that could increase their course engagement.  

Technology in the Lab:

Windows and Mac Laptops, Windows desktops, screen magnifiers, screen reading software, text-to-speech software, speech-to-text software, gaming hardware and software, VR headsets, eyetracking device, wearable keyboards, and switch controls

Full list:


  • (1) Apple Macbook Air Core i5 8GB RAM 128GB SSD
  • (1) Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Core i5 8GB Ram 256 GB SSD
  • (1) Dell OptiPlex 7060 Desktop Core i5 8500 3GHz 8GB 256GB
  • (1) Dell LED Monitor Full HD 1080p 27”
  • (2) HP V270 LED Monitors Full HD 1080p 27”
  • (1) LG HD Smart LED TV 28”
  • (1) Tobii Eyetracker
  • (2) Cyber Acoustics USB Speaker Bar


  • (1) GoVision Pro Portable Desktop Video Magnifier
  • (1) Looky 4+ HD Handheld Video Magnifier
  • (1) C-Pen Reader
  • (1) C-Pen Exam Reader
  • (2) Cyber Acoustics Speech Recognition Headsets: AC-840 Monoaural
  • (1) VXi TalkPro Headset USB Monaural
  • (1) Easy Cat AG Touchpad



  • Dragon Naturally Speaking—Windows and Mac
  • JAWS Fusion—Windows
  • NVDA Screen Reader—Windows
  • VoiceOver Screen Reader—Mac
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Microsoft Office
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • Browser plugins for Firefox and Chrome
    • Funkify
    • NoCoffee
    • WAVE
    • Axe
    • ARC Toolkit
    • Landmarks


  • Oculus Rift S Headset
  • Oculus Go Headest


  • (1) MSI Trident X Plus Gaming Desktop
  • (1) Xbox One S 1TB
  • (1) 2TB Game Drive
  • (2) Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controllers
  • (1) Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adaptive Controller
  • (1) Lightspeed Gaming Mouse
  • (1) G Pro Mechanical Wired Keyboard
  • (2) Xbox One Stereo Headsets
  • Forza Motorsport 7
  • Overwatch
  • GeForce RTX Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bundle


  • (1) HIMS Braille EDGE 40
  • (2) Tap Keyboards
    • Wearable Keyboard and Mouse
    • One handed, eyes free, easy to learn, ergonomic wearable keyboard that translates your finger taps (on any surface) into letters, numbers, and commands.
  • (1) Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball
  • (1) Keys-U-See: Yellow Keyboard
  • (1) Keys-U-See: Ivory Keyboard
  • (1) Enabling Devices Finger Switch
  • (1) Specs Switch Control: Yellow
  • (1) Specs Switch Control: Red
  • (1) Specs Switch Control: Green
  • (1) Specs Switch Control: Blue