color contrast checkerWCAG 1.4.1

Whenever you are faced with making decisions about color schemes in your digital content, remember that some users do not perceive certain colors or might need higher contrast to better discern the content.

Higher contrast not only helps users with visual disabilities. It aids in communicating your message more effectively in a variety of contexts and environments. For example, in PowerPoint, higher contrasting colors in slides aid in making content more visible to all audience members in a room with varying lighting conditions.

Use the Vision Simulator created by University of Cambridge Engineering Design Centre that simulates image perception by users with various visual disabilities to learn more about how users may perceive visual content.

To test for contrast in color, you may want to resort to WebAim’s color contrast checker. You can select from the color picker to test for any color. Your colors should result in “Pass” for WCAG 2.0 Level AA. 

For a color tester that you can install in your desktop and use even when not online, you can download The Paciello Group’s Colour Contrast Analyzer

Inside Iowa State published an excellent article dealing with the topic of color in accessibility as part of the series on digital accessibility.