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What is digital (web) accessibility?

When all users can equally access the information and functionality of a website or any type of digital content, these are considered accessible. Many websites are difficult or impossible to use for some people because the website presents barriers to universal access. This is often a result of creating content or developing websites without taking all users into consideration.

Example 1: Jessica does not have the ability to use a mouse due to a traumatic brain injury that affects motor function. In order for her to use a website, it should be easy to navigate with just a keyboard.

Example 2: Malcom has low vision. In order for him to use a website, the text should be resizable, and have enough contrast with the background so it’s easy to see.

Example 3: Alfonso is hearing impaired. He requires captions on videos to be able to fully understand the content.

Best practices for accessibility occur in every part of a website’s development and maintenance. It also applies to any content that may end up online, be it a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, a pdf, or any other. From web designers and web developers to website builders and content editors, we are all responsible for making the web accessible for all.

One of the great things about digital accessibility is that it improves the experience for all users including users with disabilities.

Is my website accessible?

Accessibility is a mindset, not a number. You can check for it both by using tools and doing your own testing.

Automatic tools

Some online tools and computer programs let you scan a website and return any web accessibility errors or areas of concern.

Manual testing

There are resources available to guide manual testing, such as how to test screen-readers or keyboard navigation.

When evaluating a website for accessibility, use a variety of both, automated tools and manual testing.

List of accessibility testing resources

More information about testing

Do it yourself

Are you ready to start making your digital content or website accessible? No matter your technical experience or what part of the website you’re involved with, you can contribute to making content accessible for all.

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