How to make your email signature accessible in Outlook - Mac (version 16.16.6)

February 6, 2019

This tutorial shows how to update your email signature on a Mac, here is the Windows tutorial.

1. Choose Preferences in Outlook

choose preferences in Outlook


2. Choose Signatures

choose signatures


3. Choose to Add (the plus symbol) or Edit

choose add or edit


4. This is the default Iowa State University email signature from our marketing department. There is one image included. 

 default iowa state university email signature


5. Right click on the image you need to add alternative text to, in this case it's the Iowa State University logo. 

right click on the image


6. Edit the text (right now it reads, Inline image 1) in the window to a meaningful description that will help screen readers and text-to-speech software. 

edit the alt text


7. I changed the alt text to Iowa State University logo. 

meaningful alt text description


8. Finally, I wanted to make sure I was within the Level AA WCAG 2.1 guidelines. I changed the text size to 12 points and removed the letters before the phone number, email address and web address. These letters will confuse a screen reader and text-to-speech software by reading the letters aloud. 

final email signature with 12 point font

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