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Webex and Zoom meetings

Be sure to allocate enough time to set up for a remote meeting. It is also a good idea to test any live captioning software or services you might be using. WebEx does offer auto-captioning (called transcription) if you are recording a meeting and are set as the host (request this option to be turned on with the Solution Center). Zoom now offers live auto-captioning and transcription for both Pro and free account holders. Request a Zoom Pro account through ITS and ask for the caption feature to be turned on. 

Auto captioning is only 85-90% accurate. It is imperative to meet basic digital accessibility compliance to edit the auto-captions after the recording is available and before sending the recording link to others. Posting videos online after a meeting or event requires 99% accuracy. 

PowerPoint presentations

Distribute accessible presentations at least 24-48 hours before the meeting to allow people with disabilities access to the content before the presentation or meeting. PowerPoint general best practices for accessibility include adding alt text for images and using the built-in heading, paragraph, and bullet lists for organization and structure. Limit any animations or motion in your presentations. PowerPoint has a built-in accessibility checker to check for common mistakes. PowerPoint Office365 includes the ability to add live auto-captions to a presentation. Keep in mind it is only 85-90% accurate and best used with a microphone or headset.

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