Dr. Zayira Jordan

Web Accessibility Coordinator
Zayira Jordan

I am not the user and have striven to prove it through user research-based decision-making throughout my career.  

I am trained as an anthropologist and a tekkie, both, and that is how I approach my projects.  I am honored with an appointment that allows me to promote and enable digital accessibility at Iowa State.  I am a bridge.  I identify and curate the enormous amount of resources available so that I can provide usable information to our campus community stakeholders. I am an educator and a UX practitioner at the same time.  Whenever I am approached for a training session, I strive to be sensitive to the needs of the audience because I am aware of the diversity in university stakeholders' needs and interests. Ultimately, my goal is to enable the adoption of practices that benefit the digital experience of all our digital content users.  

I have coded and developed for the web since 1999.  Before that, I worked in the advertising industry for many years.  I have worked on defining personas, user research, lo-fi and hi-fi design, identifying metrics of success, usability testing, and post-launch iterative work. I have also been part of teams analyzing needs and user data for the design of websites, web-based applications and solutions integrating GPS, Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID) and brain-computer interface.   I have experience as a marketing analyst, web developer and user researcher.  I have expert knowledge of testing and development tools such as WAVE, FAE, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, Axure, UserZoom, Camtasia, Wiki, WordPress, Blackboard, WebCT, and many other CMSs and design solutions, as well techniques such as rapid prototyping, wireframing, usability testing, and use of automated tools for design and development.  My field of expertise is Human Computer Interaction. I am fully bilingual in English/Spanish.

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