Make Technology Work for Everyone: introducing digital accessibility - YouTube
This short animated film provides a short introduction to digital accessibility, some reasons why digital inclusion is important, and 15 tips to help you start making your digital technology more accessible, usable, and inclusive.
 The video is a collaboration between the steering group of Citizens Online’s, Fix the Web project (, the Digital Accessibility Centre (, and Dig Inclusion (
Screen Reader Simulation
Plug-in required. WebAIM has created a simulation that allows you to experience browsing with a screen reader. It includes tasks and a key for keyboard shortcuts. It ultimately proves how frustrating inaccessible design in web can be for screen reader users.
ARIA introduction, primer, so we can all understand what are Accessible Rich Internet Application standards and how to include them when we are developing apps.
A study conducted by Theofanos and Redish (2006) provides an understanding of best practices for coding web from the perspective of users who use screen readers.
Creating personas is a process that may require qualitative and quantitative data.
Empathy maps are a readily available technique for your development team to understand the user's needs better.
What is color Blindness? — Color Blind Awareness
An explanation of what color blindness or color vision deficiency is.
The Starkey hearing loss simulator lets you experience sound as if you had a hearing loss. Gain an understanding of what it's like to have hearing problems.
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools List
Web accessibility evaluation tools are software programs or online services that help you determine if web content meets accessibility guidelines. This page provides a list of evaluation tools that you can filter to find ones that match your particular needs. To determine what kind of tool you need and how they are able to assist you, see Selecting Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools.
Danger! Testing Accessibility with real people – Medium
As four people who are blind and care deeply about making the web more accessible, we strongly believe user testing should include people…